Structure and Members

Deputy Chairperson
Member and Supervisor for Operations
Member and Supervisor for States & Transitional area Affairs
  • Jerome Barikue
Director General for Programs
  • Obwaha Claude Akasha
Ag Director General for Operations
  • Samuel Juma Yeremia
Ag Director General for State Affairs
  • Kamilo Loku
Director for Programs
  • Kerbino Yel Deng
Director for Communications/Public Information
  • Gomba Arok Atem
Director for Admin and Finance
  • Rosa Weet
Gender Advisor
  • Claudia Breitung

Technical Advisor to the Commission

  • Wanjiru Mungai

Special Assistant to the Chairperson

  • Oluku Andrew Holt
Child DDR Coordinator
  • Peter Garang Ngor
Procurement  Coordinator
  • Nathaniel Majok Deng
Ag Finance Coordinator
  • Angelo Wani
Assistant  Finance Coordinator
  • Evans Erna
Gender & HIV/AIDS Coordinator
  • Adeng Malok
Ag Coordinator Special Needs Group (WAAF)
  • Joseph Duol Chol
Assistant Human Resource Coordinator
  • Patience Alidri
Planning Specialist
  • Kuot Kuot Deng
Senior IT Officer
  • Benson Mungai
Web Administrator
  • Simon Dobuol
M&E Officer
  • Fauzia Issa
Assistant IT Officer
  • John Chol Atem
Secretary of the Commission
  • Philip Chol Ajak
Senior Store Keeper