Legal framework for DDR in Sudan

DDR is a nationally owned and lead process which partners Government with a wide range of stakeholders and implementers: the Army, the international community, the UN system and the NGO sector.

Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) provided for the formation of three national bodies to lead and co-ordinate the DDR process in the country: the National DDR Co-ordination Council (NDDRCC), the Southern Sudan DDR Commission (SSDDRC) and the Northern Sudan DDR Commission (NSDDRC). The SSDDRC and NSDDRC are charged with establishing a presence in each of the States, and with contributing to the DDR Offices in Abyei and the Transitional areas.

In Southern Sudan, the SSDDRC answers to the Vice President of the Government of Southern Sudan for day-to-day supervision and management. The National DDR Coordinating Council is responsible for policy formulation, oversight, review, coordination and evaluation.

The structures in the North and South mirror each other fairly closely. SPLA/SAF and SSDDRC/NSDDRC fulfill analogous functions in each case. The IUNDDRU has a presence in both North and South, in the South through dedicated DDR units in each of the State UNMIS facilities.

The IUNDDRU encompasses elements of the Department of Peace-Keeping Operations (DPKO), the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS), the United Nations Fund for Children (UNICEF), the World Food Program (WFP) and others. IUNDDRU functions to support the National bodies in their leadership of the DDR Process. In broader terms, the UN is also a donor to the DDR process in Sudan

The International Community are major partners in the DDR process. This engagement is dual in nature, as international actors function both as guarantors of the wider issue of CPA implementation, and as multilateral and bilateral donors.

The NGO/INGO sector is a significant partner, as the source of implementers of the crucial reintegration livelihood training packages which form the core of the DDR program.