The Programme

DDR in Sudan is the largest, the most complex and the most expensive DDR process ever attempted. It is a task of truly monumental proportions.
In Southern Sudan, the current design is to demobilize 90,000 men and women from the SPLA. The process will provide the DDR participants with intensive professional support to help them reintegrate fully into their communities. The former combatants and women associated with armed forces will have a unique opportunity to return to those communities with the skills and abilities necessary to build independent, honorable, and productive new lives for themselves and their families. This is a reward they richly deserve, the reward for their years of sacrifice. The Southern Sudan DDR Commission is proud to lead and participate in the process of delivering such rewards to our gallant ex-combatants.

This group of men and women is huge.  In military terms, they could almost constitute an army in their own right. They are Southern Sudanese who have been unusually exposed. Some of that exposure is of course traumatic, but their experiences also mean that they have seen things far beyond the experience of the communities they left behind.

Such an ‘army of peace’ has the potential to transform a nation. They can carry the vision of modernization and development to the heart of every payam and boma in the South.

They can harness their military discipline to the dream of a New Sudan and in so doing they can truly become agents for change in our society.

PHOTOS: UNMIS construction site in Jebel, Juba, where several ex-combatants have been employed.

As HE President Kiir’s speech to the Southern Sudan DDR Launch in Juba 10th June 2009 so ably expressed it, they have been re-deployed and re-assigned and given “new and crucial duties and responsibilities”