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ABOVE: Demobilisation day-Wau, Western Bahr el-Ghazal. November 2010.


RSSDDRC Public Information (PI) Department

PI Department is mandated within the Commission to undertake a vigorous and concerted national sensitisation and outreach campaigns through various media and traditional theatres during the planning stages of the DDR process. The primary objective is to increase the general awareness of the DDR activities amongst its stakeholders: National organized forces- SPLA/SSAF, the Police, the Prisons, Wildlife Services and Fire Brigade; Women Associated Armed Forces (WAAF); Children Associated with Armed Forces (CAAF); Government’s institutions, donors, partners, and media outlets. Public Information sharing will also help to prepare the communities of return by improving civilian understanding of the role of ex-combatants in the context of national reconciliation.

Effective communication campaigns by PI Office help to give the armed forces and communities, reasonable expectations about what the DDR programme is due to deliver, introducing them to who will be involved and what services and benefits /shall be available. The Ministry of Defence (Directorate of Public Affairs), Ministry of Interiors and RSSDDRC implement PI campaigns in close coordination with each others.

RSSDDRC PI Office also works in collaboration with other technical line ministries and the media houses to elaborate a comprehensive national Public Information strategy.  RSSDDRC takes into account the existing wider efforts of reconciliation and peace building (e.g. Peace Commission, SSBCSSAC), and formulate partnerships where possible.  At State level RSSDDRC and their Implementing Partners (IPs) liaise with the relevant institutions to integrate DDR appropriately.

All the PI activities are coordinated by an integrated Public Information Team, PI Taskforce, that comprises of the staff from the Commission, UNDP and UNMISS.

DDR PI Taskforce

Chan M. Awuol

Email: phone: 0955 682 850

Ajak Athuai Akoon

Web Administrator, NDDRC

Email: 0955059440


Welcome to the Public Information section.

These pages are designed to provide assistance for anyone looking for basic documents about DDR in The Republic of South Sudan;

You will find core messages and materials about DDR program in South Sudan. We particularly hope that this section will help in passing on information to the communities and local media, across the abundance of tribes and languages of South Sudan.