Reintegration Briefing

Following medical screening, Ex-combatants/Women associated with armed forces will receive a Reintegration briefing, from experienced personnel from the SSDDRC and UN. During the briefing, Ex-combatants are advised what to expect during the coming Reintegration phase.

They are also given the opportunity to ask questions for a sample of Ex-combatants
questions from the New Site D-site. After the briefing, Ex-combatants are issued with their Non-Food-Item,s Package and Reinsertion grant.

They are given an appointment to visit the SSDDRC State Co-ordination Office in their State of resettlement, in order to access their food support rations and one-to-one reintegration counseling. At this point Ex-combatantsare free to leave the D-site.

Start of the Reintegration Phase

The Reintegration phase (R-phase) follows the D&D phases, usually between 1 and 3 months later. Reintegration takes far longer than the D&D phases. Exactly how long this stage will take in Sudan is difficult to estimate, as it will be subject to variables which cannot be predicted this early in the process. However DDR will certainly take a number of years to complete.

The start of reintegration phase: DDR clients check their names on the notice-board outside the Central Equatoria co-ordination office. Photo credit: Ayom Wol Dhal/SSDDRC

The R-phase consists of a number of major elements:

  • Provision of short term food rations
  • Completion of one-to-one Reintegration counseling
  • Selection of IPs through a transparent and fair bidding process
  • Matching of XCs with the Implementing Partners (IPs) which will provide the reintegration support packages they have chosen.
  • Implementation of Reintegration livelihood support packages
  • Monitoring & Evaluation