Livelihoods and Economic Opportunities Mapping Report


The Republic of South Sudan have an enormous task ahead  in the Disarmament Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) of 150,000 South Sudanese ex-combatants belonging to the SPLA and other organized forces in the next six-eight years. Ex-combatants’ economic reintegration into society has to be translated in job opportunities and viable livelihoods options can be particularly challenging with the current economic conditions of the newly formed state. Against this background of the challenging tasks of promoting economic opportunities for the reintegration of ex-combatants, the RSSDDRC has commissioned a “South Sudan Livelihoods and Economic Opportunities Mapping” report.

The mapping report provides state of the art information on economic opportunities in the Republic of South Sudan.

  • It maps what the potential and actual economic opportunities in key sectors are for non-oil economic growth, such as rural agriculture (farming, livestock, fisheries and forestry), small business in urban and pre-urban areas, and public works.
  • Identifies what of these economic opportunities would be suitable for SSNDDRP participants’ economic reintegration
  • Promotes a vision for economic recovery in line with South Sudan 2011-2013 Development Plan and South Sudan 2010 Growth Strategy

In addition to the identification of economic opportunities that can be exploited, the report focuses its analysis on how economic reintegration of ex-combatants can be achieved by:

  • Recommending policy measures to be taken for promoting effective economic reintegration, for instance provision of fiscal incentives, business development, extension and financial services
  • Promoting the establishment of individual and group based small and medium enterprises which can have fast and high returns on an initial investment
  • Advocating for linking enterprises in stimulating demand and supply for goods and services using a value chain approach
  • Involving actively the private sector in providing training of trainers, apprenticeships, start public private partnerships, inputs and tools for stimulating the production of goods and the provision of services of the small medium enterprises where ex-combatants get engaged.

The report provides links with existing initiatives promoting sustainable livelihoods and economic recovery at national and state level.

This report will be particularly useful for preparing economic reintegration plans for ex-combatants and, overall, it can provide valuable information for economic recovery with a strong focus on enterprise development. Therefore this report can be utilized by the staff of RSSDDRC as well as line ministries at national and state levels, UN agencies, NGOs, private sector actors and more, among those that are willing to support an inclusive non-oil economic growth in the next year as one of the key endeavors towards development.

The report has state disaggregated information, synthesized tables for ease access, and has user friendly content and tools such as the key economic opportunities specific Fact Sheets, related local language documentary film (soon to be produced) and visual photographs which are relevant for all levels actors and ICRS.

Should you require this very informative state of the art report, please get in touch with RSSDDRC Chairperson, Mr William Deng Deng on his email address which is:

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