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National DDR Commission Continues Reintegration Support to Ex-combatants

Under the most difficult circumstances in South Sudan because of the finances and security environment, National DDR Commission has never stopped the much-needed reintegration support to 290 ex-combatants demobilized in September 2013 in Mapel, Western Bahr el Ghazal State.

The Commission is now embarking on further training of this batch of ex-combatants starting in June, 2014. Hence, staff members of National DDR Commission (NDDRC) are being trained as trainers.

NDDRC in cooperation with the TDRP of the World Bank and UNICON International has been conducting training of trainers from June 16th – 26th, 2014. The trained staff has acquired skills in:


  • Training in Entrepreneurship               Click here to View Photos
  • Financial Literacy
  • Cooperatives Enterprises Start-up and Management


The training Modules were designed within the framework of the South Sudan’s National Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) Programme.






National DDR Commission hands over Reinsertion Project to Eastern Equatoria State Government.

On Monday 28th October 2013, The National DDR Commission handed over Reinsertion projects; a primary school and health care centre to the government of Eastern Equatoria state.

The Chairperson of the National DDR Commission, William Deng Deng, Eastern Equatoria State governor Brig. General Louis Lobong Lojore, Torit County commissioner Hon. German Ojok and Officer-in-charge, UNMISS DDR section Mustafa Tejan-Kella witnessed the handover ceremony of two Reinsertion projects, in Tirrangore Boma,Torit County, Eastern Equatoria state.

The project contributes to the security sector transformation, through provision of services such as education and health care in the community. It will significantly contribute to the security and stability, not only for the ex-combatants, but to the community at large.

General Staff Meeting

The National DDR Commission staff held a general staff meeting on Friday, 28th June 2013 in Juba Headquarters. The meeting was chaired by Mr. William Deng Deng, Chairperson-NDDRC and his Deputy Mr. Majur Mayor Machar.

There were various internal issues tackled during the meeting which was all inclusive with their solutions. The top leadership on the commissioned encouraged the staff to continue with their commitment to their work even though experiencing the austerity measures.

Outstanding issues and various queries between the management and the staff were also raised and addressed. One of the many issues that were emphasized by the Chairperson is the mandatory inclusion of the Finance department for consultation and advisory services when other departments are doing their work plan and budgeting.

Approaches of communication between staff of different administration levels was also touched and fine-tuned.

Mr. Machar instructed all the staff to follow the correct administrative reporting system and to refrain from negative attitude, selfishness and carelessness at work because they kill the morale of a working environment.

He also advised they staff to avoid high expectations and encouraged the staff to commit and focus on }

BICC Senior Management Team Visit

On Wednesday 26th June 2013 senior officials from the Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC) visited the National DDR Commission. Currently, there are two advisory projects that are being supported by BICC in the Republic of South Sudan: technical advisory support to the National DDR Commission as well as the advisory services for the CSSAC Bureau aiming at improving the storage of Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) and ammunition.

The BICC delegation was met by the Chairperson, Mr. William Deng Deng and his Deputy, Mr. Majur Mayor Machar. The BICC team that visited were Prof. Dr. Conrad Schetter (Director for Research), Michael Dedek (Director for Administration) and Wolf-Christian Paes (Head of Section – Advisory Services). Also with them was Ms. Claudia Breitung, who is based in the NDDRC Juba office playing the role of the technical advisor to the commission.

They were briefed by the Chairperson about his last visit to Europe, the ongoing training activities in Mapel (Western Bahr El Ghazal State) and the next steps in the DDR programme.

They were also briefed by the Deputy Chairperson, Mr. Machar who requested for more technical support from BICC.

The team assured of continued support from BICC committing to the various projects in partnership with the National DDR Commission.

Pilot Reintegration Assessment


On Thursday 30th May a World Bank Delegation visited the National DDR Commission headquarters in Juba. The main mission of the visit was give feedback and recommendation on the Initiation of the Pilot Project of the reintegration and mainly capacity building of the DDR commission staff.

The reintegration assessment has been going on for the last two weeks. It involved various DDR stakeholders in Juba, Wau and as far as Mapel in Western Bahr El Ghazal State.

CCCPA Offer Training Opportunity for NDDRC

On Monday 27th May 2013, Mr. Ehab Badawy, the Director of Cairo Regional Center for Training on Conflict Resolution and Peacekeeping in Africa (CCCPA) paid a courtesy visit to the National DDR Commission Headquarters in Juba. He was accompanied by Mr. Wael A. El-Naggar the CCCPA Project Coordinator, Ambassador Dr. Mahmoud Farghal, Director for Training and Programs and the Egyptian Ambassador to South Sudan, H. E Ayman Elgammal. Also with them was the South Sudan UNESCO, Country Director Mr. Salah Khaled.

The delegation was received by the Acting Chairperson, Mr.Majur Mayor Machar ,(NDDRC) at the National DDR Commission Headquarters in Juba whom they had a meeting with.

The mandate of the visit was to initialize training on peace building of the NDDRC Staff. The institute mainly provides training and research on peace keeping, peace-building, conflict resolution, preventive diplomacy and crisis management issues. This programme will run for the next three years.

The center was established in 1994 within the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to promote peace and stability in Africa. It later became a United Nations Development Program ( UNDP) project in 2008. It is also recognized as an African Union (AU)/North African Regional Capability (NARC) Center of Excellence, since 2010.

Dmitry Titov Visits Mapel Transitional Facility

Dmitry Titov, Assistant Secretary General for Rule of Law and Security Institutions paid an official visit to the National Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Commission [NDDRC] run Transitional Facility in Mapel, Western Bahr El Ghazal State, South Sudan.

The Chairperson of the National DDR Commission, Mr. William Deng Deng, UNMISS, UNDP, BICC, World Bank and many other bilateral partner’s representatives accompanied him.

He visited the various sections of the facility including the registration section, accommodation, dining among many others. He also went to visit the shallow wells in Mapel center and the new police station administration being put up.

The Mapel Transitional Facility Manager, Mr. Wilson Lual Lual was recognized and awarded a medal of honor by the ASG for his hard work, dedication and commitment in managing the facility, despite the many challenges.

The ASG completed his mission successfully promising continuous support and encouragement to the National DDR Commission, thus a prosperous, stable and peaceful nation of South Sudan.

KfW visit

The National Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration commission [NDDRC] was graced by the visit of Ms. Doris Kӧhn, The Director General (Africa and Middle East) of the KFW Development Bank.

She was accompanied by another KfW official, Ms. Carla Berke, Business Area KfW -Vice President of the Sector and Policy Division Peace and Security. They visited Mapel Transitional Facility on the 17th of April 2013 accompanied by the senior leadership of the National DDR Commission: Chairperson - William Deng Deng and received by the Deputy Majur Mayor Machar.

Ms. Doris Kӧhn was very impressed by the successful implementation of the Information Counseling and Referral Services [ICRS] in the facility that is run and managed by the National DDR Commission Staff. She toured the various sections of the facility which included; the administration block, classes, dining block.

She also articulated positive remarks on the general state of the facility and assured KfW support to the Government of South Sudan and particularly to the National DDR Commission. In Juba she had constructive meetings with Chairperson and the Deputy Chairperson where she was thoroughly briefed on the process and implementation of the New DDR Programme.


The New DDR Programme is the ‘Engine’ of Transformation of National Army and Organized Services

The Government of the Republic of South Sudan through the Chair of the National DDR Council, H. E. Vice the President  Dr. Riek Machar Teny, has geared up the transformation of the National Army (SSAF/SPLA) and Organized Services: the Police, Wildlife, Fire Brigades and Prisons. In addition to announcing April 15th, 2013 as launch date for the Pilot Phase in Mapel, the Government has passed other important resolutions to ensure the new DDR Programme is launched on schedule.

Firstly, the financial contribution by the Government for operationalization of Mapel Transition Facility has been approved. After discussions in three forums of Specialized Technical Committee of the DDR Council, South Sudan’s Economic clusters, and the DDR Council; it was ascertained that DDR Programme is vital for the socio-economic development and peace of the young Nation that the roll-out (launch) cannot delay despite the country new competing priorities.

The launch and implementation of the new DDR Programme will be based on the ‘Harmonized DDR Strategy’,which has been formally adapted by the Council as national DDR Programme framework. The Strategy encompasses the DDR plans of four security institutions: National Security, Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs (MoD & VA), Ministry of Interior, and Ministry of Wildlife Conservation & Tourism. National DDR Commission will technically support the four institutions in the planning and the implementation of the Programme...

National DDR Council Gears Up for the Transformation of South Sudan’s National Organized Forces

The National Disarmament, Dembolisation and Reintegration Council (NDDRC) was established by the President of the Republic of South Sudan H. E. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit with the Presidential Order No. 31/2102 on 12th October 2012. Already the National DDR Council has geared up the transformation of National Organized Forces: SPLA/South Sudan Armed Forces; the Police, Wildlife, Civil Defence (Fire Brigades) and the Correctional Services (Prisons). Chaired by the Vice President H. E. Dr. Riek Machar Teny, the Council is mandated to mobilize and coordinate Government’s ministries and organizations to ensure the highest level of political alignment and support for overall National DDR Programme (NDDRP) and its strategic direction.

The Council has already held two meetings over the last two weeks. The commencement meeting took place on the 14th November, 2012 in which all the DDR stakeholders in the Republic of South Sudan were invited. During the opening remarks, H. E. the Vice President Dr. Riek Machar Teny highlighted the importance of the DDR Programme to the socio-economic development, peace and security of South Sudan, stressing the need to adequately reward ex-combatants for their service in order to avoid disappointment.

The 14th November’s meeting also heard statements from H.E. Nakaha Stanislas, Ambassador of the AU to South Sudan and Special Representative of the UN Secretary General, Ms. Hilda Johnson. Ambassador Stanislas stressed the African Union’s commitment to support the Government of South Sudan emphasizing the new partnership on DDR matters, reminding all partners that the context of the DDR Program in South Sudan is different from that in other countries. Ms. Johnson congratulated the Government for the formation of the Council saying that UNMISS has been waiting for this adding that “DDR remains a critical element of the UNMISS mandate and the Council will play an important role in steering the process.”

After the commencement meeting of the National DDR Council, the second sitting on 21st November 2012 (Wednesday) came up with these resolutions:

  1. The Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs's strategy on the transformation and DDR will be revised to incorporate the views of the Council. The revised strategy will be presented again to the Council when the Minister or Deputy is present
  2. The Ministry of Wildlife Services will have to be part and parcel of the DDR Programme planning exercise
  3. In order to launch a coherent new DDR Programme in the Republic of South Sudan starting with the Pilot Phase, the four security pillar institutions: the National DDR Commission; the Ministry of Defence and Veterans' Affairs; Ministry of Interior; Ministry of Wildlife Services and National Security will have to harmonise their transformation plans and strategies
  4. The four security pillar institutions' meeting will take place on Wednesday (November 28th) Chaired by the Vice President H. E. Riek Machar Teny to disccuss their transformation plans & strategies

Press conference - Juba Hqs


Press Conference that was held on the RSSDDRC Headquarters, Juba. The Chairperson of the commission, Mr. William Deng Deng briefed the media on the presidential decree No: 31/2012, dated on October 12th, 2012 which established the National Demobilisation, Disarmament and Re - Integration Commission Council

Have a look at this mission photos link:



Coordination Meeting of Stakeholders for the DDR Programme in the Republic of South Sudan

The Government of the Republic of South Sudan, through the National DDR Commission, has been conducting consultations in preparation for the launch of the new phase of this DDR programme. The agreement and collaboration of the main stakeholders, including Government of the Republic of South Sudan, civil societies, and other partners, on the modalities of implementation will be crucial to the success of the new programme.

The African Union hosted the Stakeholders meeting in order to reach consensus on the implementation modalities, the meeting clearly outlines:

1. The Government of the Republic of South Sudanís position on DDR

2. The status of the new Programme focusing on its national strategic direction

3. Discussion on the programme components - disarmament, demobilizations, reinsertion and reintegration

4. Funding mechanism and administration of funds

DDR Stakeholders Sensitisation Workshop - Central Equatoria State

Thursday October 4th 2012; the workshop was officially opened/closed by the State minister of Gender and Social Development Central Equatoria Hon, Mary Apai . It was presided over by the DDR State Director; Kamilo Loku Cornelius .It covered various areas including; the DDR Policy and Strategy, Disarmament, Demobilization, Reinsertion, Reintegration, Disability, Peace building and Conflict management.

All in all, it was a new beginning and well appreciated by all the State Government’s representatives; that DDR is coming out now to the State levels where it will be rightly implemented. It is not going to be any longer, “THIS YOUR DDR” but our DDR at the State, County and Boma levels.

MoU Signing on Reinsertion Projects - Pariak

The MOU was signed by the CBOs who are going to implement Reinsertion projects at Pariak where the transition facilities are. The projects are funded by UNMISS DDR units and supervised by the RSSDDR commission. The projects are as follows, Poultry rearing, Brick making, vegetables projects and markets. The beneficiaries are ex-combatants and community members from Pariak community, kolnyang Payam.

The five CBOs who signed MOUs with the SSDDRC and UNMISS are;

  1. River Nile institute who will train 50 youths and women on brick production,
  2. Ajakkeer Maar women Development organization, train women on Vegetables production,
  3. Payuel vision women  Group train women group on vegetable production as well.
  4. Chileu women Group will construct 60 shops to the 30 women from Pariak community and 30 women from the disable group.
  5. Jonglei women Empowerment programme, train women on poultry rearing/production.

All this projects will be implemented in Pariak area as the pre- DDR programme in the transitional centre

Study Tour to DRC

On the 15th - 22nd September 2012, The South Sudan Disarmament, Demobilistation and Reintegration Commission sent two of its senior staff (Mr. Elia Kamilo Dimo, Director of Communication and Mr. Kuot Kuot Deng, Senior IT Specialist) to Democratic Republic of Congo on DDR Study Tour.

The delegation visited some of the successful reintegration projects, which include the following; masonry, carpentry, welding, tailoring and farming associations among many others.


EAC Verification team visits the DDR Commission!


On Thursday 26/7/2012 the East African verification team visited DDR commission headquarters in Juba. The purpose of the visit was in response to the application by the president of the Republic of South Sudan, Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit to join East African community. The delegation was led by Amb. Fatuma Ndagiza, Deputy CEO Governance Board of Rwanda. It was received by chairperson of the National DDR Commission, Mr. William Deng Deng who in turn briefed them through the mandate of the Commission, its various duties and operations. The team was also being supported by a technical team from the Government of South Sudan.

Fare Thee Well Khaled

The Republic of South Sudan Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration Commission, RSSDDRC bid farewell to Mr. Khalid Heshmat Moustafa. Khalid has been working as a senior advisor to the RSSDDR Commission seconded by UNMISS.

Khalid moves on to work in Cote-De’ Ivoire.
Both the RSSDDRC chairperson Mr. William Deng Deng and his deputy Mr. Majur Mayor Machar led the Commission’s staff in the short farewell ceremony held at the Commission’s main hall.


Trained to Train Others on DDR in South Sudan

Staff from the Republic of South Sudan Disarmament Demobilisation and Reintegration Commission (RSSDDRC), DDR line ministries, UNDP, UNMISS and UNESCO have completed a five day Training of Trainers held at Juba Bridge Hotel. The training mainly focused on equipping the attendants with skills on how to train others on the new DDR programme and how to do effective messaging across the different sections of the post independence DDR programme.The Policy document of the new DDR programme was approved by the council of minister in September last year and the programme document is currently in its final drafting stages.

Staff from DDR Commission formed the lager part of the attendants with all the ten (10) DDR state coordinators in attendance. The senior management team of the DDR programme gave an overall picture of what they want the programme to be. Headed by Patricia Keas as the lead facilitator, members from DPKO and UNDP headquarters from New York beefed up the team of facilitators.

The RSSDDRC chairperson Mr William Deng Deng called up on the participants to make full utilization of the skills and knowledge gained from the training to train other colleagues who did not get as a way of taking the DDR messages to the grassroots in the states. Each participant walked away with a certificate of attendance at the end of the training.

DDR Public information officers training accomplished!

The Republic of South Sudan Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Commission (RSSDDRC) successfully accomplished the two- day public information focal persons training in Western Bahr El Gazal, Wau County. 

The training which was organized by the DDR Commission and funded by the Bonn International Centre for conversion (BICC), attracted over 40 participants from ten states where the DDR programme is operational. The training was also attended by many DDRC top managers including the Deputy Chairperson, Commission appointed members, Director General for programmes, Deputy Minister for Agriculture and focal persons for national organized forces

The key purpose of the training was to enhance the ability of all the DDR public information (PI) officers and focal points across the states of the Republic of South Sudan to disseminate right and accurate information about the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration programme to its various target audiences who range from ex-combatants, communities of returns, national organized forces, donors and the general public.

During the official opening of the PI focal persons training at Amarula Hotel, the Commission’s Deputy Chairperson, Mr. Majur Mayor Machar, urged PI focal points to respond to queries and provide correct and accurate information without any distortion and exaggeration of the DDR programme.   He advised them to consult with headquarter in case there situations of uncertainty.

“A successful DDR is very important for peace and nation development to prevail, and for DDR to succeed all parties need to understand the meaning and intention of DDR. It is important to give out clear messages about the programme fully. Accelerate and clear information is key” explain Mr. Majur

The national Deputy Minister for agriculture, Hon. Beda Machar Deng, told the workshop participants that it is the intention of the   government that the programme succeeds. He noted that DDR is vital for the security of the nation. “Implementing the programme will call for massive sensitization, educating all the people involved,” said Hon. Deng, the national Deputy Minister for Agriculture.

He also informed the eager participants that the Line Ministry of Agriculture will work closely with SSDDRC to ensure that the ex-combatants are fully reintegrated and achieved sustainable livelihoods.

SRSG Visit


On the 15/03/2012, The Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict Ms. Radhika Coomaraswamy met the RSSDDRC Chairperson, Mr. William Deng Deng, the Deputy Chairperson, Mr. Majur Mayor Machar and other staff members of the Republic of South Sudan DDR Commission.

The meeting mainly focused on the component of Children Associated with the Armed Forces (CAAF) particularly in the new DDR programme document that is in its final drafting stages.  Top on the list of the issues discussed was how to raise the required funds to cater for the social and economic reintegration of the Children Associated with Armed Forces.  The Chairperson called on the SRSG and other partners and stakeholders to support the program.  The SRSG commended the efforts of the Commission, and pledged to support the Commission in its effort to ensure successful reintegration of CAAF.

UNDP hands over GIZIS DDR Programme properties to the RSSDDRC

The Republic of South Sudan Disarmament Demobilisation and Reintegration Commission (RSSDDRC) received property from the United Nations Development Programme.

The properties received included three Toyota land cruisers, Hilux double cabin, five laptops, five desks, six printers, four UPS Battery, Router Modem, Internet Modem,  VHF Motorola Radio, seven VHF Chargers, four Battery charges, two platine TVs Motorbike, ten office tables, twenty office chairs, two round tables, two water Dispenser, Refrigerator, Big Table,  five Big Office Desks, nine visitor chairs, three Office cabinet, one wooden  shelve, two small table for printers, office safe and four flip chart stands.

The properties handed over belonged to GIZISDDRP, a former DDR implementing partner providing reintegration support to ex-combatants in Central Equatoria, Eastern Equatoria and Lakes state.

According to the UNDP Chief of the Crisis, Prevention and Recovery Unit (CPRU) Dr. Amanuel, the exercise was in line with the Memorandum of Understanding signed between UNDP and GIZIS. “According to the rules, when the programme ends, all the programme properties go to the government” said Dr. Amanuel.

He also said GIZIS DDR did very well in providing reintegration support to ex-combatants and hoped to see them in the coming programme.

During the official hand over conducted at the SSDDRC headquarters, the deputy chair person advised staff to put to good use the properties. He appreciated GIZISDDR for the job well done and for taking good care of the properties and advised the staff to carry on with the same spirit.

“This will go far in addressing our mobility gap and the general production capacity of the commission” said Mr. Majur Mayor Machar, the commission’s deputy chairperson.

The Construction of Mapel DDR Transitional Facility is Launched!

DDR in South Sudan, one of the largest programmes in the world, is preparing for the launching of new DDR phase by initiating projects that other DDR programmes in other countries have failed to do or not put into the considerations. As one of the ways to accelerate socio-economic development in the newly-independent country, DDR programme offers trainings to our citizen, ex-combatants in essential industries.

While training the ‘soldiers of development and peace’, RSSDDRC want to ensure an exercise of going through the process is attractive and beneficial to the participants. That is why transitional facility, a centre where transformation of ex-combatants into productive civilians would take place, is necessary.

The construction of Mapel DDR Transitional Facility was officially launched on the 7th February, 2012 by RSSDDRC Deputy Chairperson, Mr. Majur Mayor Machar, in lavish ceremony. The ceremony organized by Chinese Engeering Company (CEC) was attended by the community, payam administrators, representatives from the SPLA; UNMISS as well as officials from the local government. The guest of honour, Mr. Machar and Chinese Commander, Lt. Col. Wang Zhonghua jumped over the white bull. Then the Deputy Chairperson was treated with red carpet and guard of honour by Chinese soldiers providing security to the facility.

After the guard of honor, the speeches were delivered with interjections of cultural dances and chants from Jur Chol and Dinka communities. The series of speeches ended with the Deputy Chairperson, Mr. Majur Mayor Machar, acknowledging the commitment and support of the international community especially United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) who are working tirelessly to ensure the success of DDR programme.

Mr. Machar also thanked the CEC and their Government for taking up the endeavours of finishing the facility on time. He urged the community around mapel to provide security to the facility and personnel - “I request your full cooperate with engineers and protect them from any harm. I want you to have tolerance to any issues that may arise from their side,” concluded the Deputy Chairperson.


IOM Donation

The International Organization for Migration [IOM] on Friday 3rd February donated 7 printers, 15 laptops, heavy duty copier/printer and several sets of printer cartridges to the Republic of South Sudan Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration Commission [RSSDDRC].

The Commission received the donations with much appreciation and excitement.


[From left, Foreground] RSSDDRC Director General for Operations, Claude Obwaha Akasha, IOM Director General Ambassador William Lacy Swing and RSSDDRC Deputy Chairperson Mr Majur Mayor Machar. [Background] Col. Benjamin Makuer , Mr Oluku Andrew and Major. Aleu AKon


“We greatly appreciate your generous support, these equipments will go a long way in easing our work and effective serving of the people “, said the deputy chairperson Mr. Majur Mayor Machar.

The Director General for IOM, Ambassador William Lacy Swing noted that DDR is important because if you don’t reintegrate disengaged soldiers one is creating double trouble.

“We are optimistic the we will do better in phase two than in phase one. We will continue to support the commission as reliable and committed partners”, said Ambassador William.

This is the second time the International Organization for Migration is providing material support to the Republic of South Sudan DDR Commission. IOM is a reintegration implementing partner to the commission, providing training and other reintegration packages to ex-combatants in Greater Bahr El Ghazal and Eastern Equatoria.


Donor Briefing

The chairperson of the Republic of South Sudan Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration Commission (RSSDDRC) Mr. William Deng Deng briefed the representatives of the donor community on the current status of the DDR programme in South Sudan today Wednesday 16/11/2011.

Much of the time was spent discussing the status of the new DDR programme which is planned to kick off early next year. Much emphasis was put on the presentation of the Transitional Facilities which will accommodate the newly demobilised Ex-combatants for a period of three months as they prepare to start their reintegration training programme.

Both the RSSDDRC and the donor community representatives deliberated on the different economic avenues through which the ex-combatants can fully be absorbed into the existing economic activities in a bid to attain responsible and desired livelihoods.
New Commissioner & Deputy

The chairperson of the Republic of South Sudan Disarmament Demobilisation and Reintegration commission (RSSDDRC) Mr. William Deng Deng has been officially re-appointed as the Commission’s head. He was sworn in by the president of the Republic of South Sudan, H.E Salva Kiir Mayadit, on Tuesday 15/11/2011 and took on his position on the same day.

During his official welcoming ceremony held at the DDR Commission Headquarters, Mr. William Deng Deng thanked all the SSDDRC staff and partners for the hard work and commitment they put forth during his past term. He advised staff to carry on with the same spirit. - "Let us work hard in honesty so as to achieve our goals and objective, and leave a commendable legacy behind” said the commission’s chairperson Mr. William Deng Deng.

The RSSDDRC chairperson was accompanied by the newly appointed Deputy Mr. Majur Mayor Machar. The new deputy chairperson said he  - was excited and that he is looking forward to providing and putting all his talents to play for the success of the DDR programme. He appreciated the warm welcome accorded to him and the chairperson and called for team work.

The two leaders were welcomed and received amidst cheers and ululations by the RSSDDRC staff and partners.

SRSG visit to the Commission


The Special Representative of the Secretary General and Head of United Nations Mission in the Republic of South Sudan (UNMISS), Hilde Johnson today 29/9/2011 visited the South Sudan DDR commission (RSSDDRC). During her visit she held a meeting  with the commission’s chairperson Mr. William Deng Deng and discussed various issues regarding the new DDR. She congratulated him upon the approval of the policy paper by the council of ministers.  She also pledged her continued supported to the commission in any way possible.


SPLA Data Center renovation and handover - 28th Sept 2011